Switch Cabinet Construction

Depending on the customer requirements, DWA manufactures switch cabinets as a single piece or small series according to the current standards (DIN, UL, CSA, etc.) or according to specific requirements (for example British Standard). Already during the planning of the switch cabinets, DWA provides its customers with know-how for an efficient solution. In order to ensure a high level of operational safety and a long service life, DWA places great emphasis on the use of high-quality components and materials in addition to high-quality workmanship.


All control cabinets are subjected to extensive tests and exams before delivery.


Individually For Your Needs

MCC standard modules

MCC standard modules are designed for rebuilding and modernization of existing systems in cement plants and power plants with superior control technology. The connection to the control system is via Profibus DP.

Low-voltage distributions

Low-voltage distribution for the industrial sector. From the small distributors and sockets distributors up to the main distribution until 6000A .

Switchgear for power generators, e.g. Water turbines, as well as units for emergency power supply and energy optimization.


Serial Production


In addition to single manufactured control cabinets and product development, DWA offers the production of small series and large series.

Modern equipment and correspondingly equipped workplaces enable the assembly and wiring of control cabinets as well as the assembly and production of printed circuit boards and electronic components from a single source.

Comprehensive examination and testing procedures ensure a high, consistent quality of the products.

The company structure and an extensive warehouse enable DWA to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements during serial production.